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St. Padre Pio

Last March 3, I went to St. Padre Pio Church at libis, Q.C. together with my fiance's family. (I can't afford to call him my ex because for me, he still is my fiance!) The Church was introduced to me by Mr. Richard Yu.

The Mass felt so solemn. The aura inside was so strongly positive that I felt so secured, relaxed, and comforted. Lucky us, we were able to secure a slot to have ourselves anointed with the Holy Oil by Mang Ramon. I guess it really was meant for us. After the Mass, while waiting for our turn at Mang Ramon's line, I deeply prayed while casting the Circle of Holy Light (COL), which Sir Richard taught me. The image of Angel Gabriel floating beside Mang Ramon just entered my mind. I kept on asking Angel Gabriel to speak with me, to whisper closely to Mang Ramon's ears whatever God's message is for me about my situation with my fiance. I kept on asking "Will fiance reconcile with me?" When it was my turn, the first thing Mang Ramon did was to anoint my palms, neck, and forehead with the Holy Oil. Then, he held both of my hands, closely looking at them. It was as if he was reading something on my palms. That time, I kept on praying "Angel Gabriel, please, please, what is God's answer? Will fiance reconcile with me?" It took him a while, then, finally, after sometime, this is what Mang Ramon told me:

"Wala talaga akong maramdaman sa iyo. Wala kang sakit, wala kang sama ng loob, wala kang alalahanin. You are very peaceful, because God has given you what you are asking for even before you asked for it." Upon hearing this, I broke in tears. t was tears of relief and joy. Goosebumps were all over my body. Then, Mang Ramon held my hand tighter and repeated, this time, with more conviction, and he said it in a very slow and clear manner, it was almost as if he was pausing after every word:

"God... has... already... given... you... what... you... are... asking... for"
After my turn, I sat down at the right side of the Church and prayed.  I kept on thanking God, Mama Mary, Padre Pio, and Angel Gabriel for the message I received. I was smiling widely, but tears were still rolling down my cheeks. Those were tears of joy and relief. Then, I imagined Angel Gabriel again, but this time, He was whispering to me, saying: "I already told you that a lot of times, maybe, this time, you already believe".
As what St. Padre Pio said, "Pray, hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer."

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