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Triple Numbers

This past week, everyday..... yes, every single day, I have been seeing triple numbers unexpectedly! Its either my cellphone clock at 1:11, 11:11, 4:44, or a car's plate number. It started Friday last week on my way home when I saw 2 cars with triple plate numbers. I immediately prayed, and asked God through Angel Gabriel a sign. I said, if I see another car with a triple plate number before I reach home, then, it means, there is a big, big possibility for "us" to be reconciled. So, I kept on looking left and right, wishing to find another magical car. I was at about halfway home, but still, no car appeared. I just got tired, and said, "Lord, may Your will be done". Then, I dropped the whole idea off. Surprisingly, as I reached a few blocks away from home, ola! I saw a car with a triple plate number! My heart leaped for joy! Oh, what a wonderful sign! Angel Gabriel definitely knows how to cheer me up! I believe that "we" will be reconciled..... I just have to pray harder, be open to God's will for us, and work myself out!

One of the many things I've learned from my life and spiritual adviser, Mr. Richard Yu, is that "nothing in this world is coincidental". Then, I also remember my aunt telling me before that seeing triple numbers means that your Angel is talking to you. Combining these two ideas, I formulated that the Archangels and my own Guardian Angel (plus "his" Guardian Angel) are speaking to me. They've been telling me to continue praying, continue trusting God, and continue holding on.

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