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Can't Breathe

Last Friday (yah, LAST Friday, which means, this post has been delayed for a week!), as I was kneeling down at Quiapo Church for the Novena Mass, I suddenly had difficulty in breathing. My vision went blurred, and I panicked as I tried to grasp for more air. I had to sit down in the midst of the prayer. It felt like I was about to die! Well, I didn't have any near-death experience in my entire life, so I assume, this is how it feels. As i regained my composure and my breath, I decided to go home after the novena. Usually, I would still stay for an additional hour for my own personal prayers. As I was inside a jeepney on my way home, a lot of thought entered my mind. Oh my.... I am not prepared to die! I cannot die! What if he comes back? I do not want him to see me catatonic on a hospital bed, moreso, to see me inside my coffin!

I MUST keep myself healthy!

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