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Waking Up

The most difficult part of my day is waking up in the morning. I admit, I've really been a sleepyhead ever since time immemorial, but, these past few days are different. Everytime I wake up, I feel so lost, and as I recall all the details of what happened, I just can't control my tears. This makes my eyes bulge and after a few mins...... zzzzzzzzzzz....... there I am, feeling sleepy again. After a few minutes, I make another attempt of waking up. But my head would ache, making me scream, and cry again. This would just make my body feel heavier and I eventually lose the strength to wake up. Yet, after a few more minutes, I make another attempt to wake up. This time, I feel a shortness of my breath, and tiny needles pricking my heart. Oh my, I can't stand it. I finally decide to sleep again. Until a bad dream wakes me up. As my eyes open for the Nth time, I am, once again, lost. Thinking, was it all a bad dream, or did these things really happen? Then, I wake up to reality thinking that everything is real! Feeling so depressed, I sleep again, hoping for a nicer dream. Oh my Lord, please be kind to me. Please give me a hopeful dream. After a few tries of sleeping and waking up, a text message catches my attention. "What time are you reporting for work?" Then, I realize I've been struggling to wake up for the past 3 hours!

"He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless" Isaiah 40:29

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