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My First Post

Obviously, I am not a blogger nor a writer. Take it from the title of this post - so blunt and straightforward! I just want to write, to pour out my feelings and my thoughts as I start a new journey in my life.

I am single. I am engaged to my boyfriend for 12 years. Yeah, you read that right... 12 years! Compute, compute: we became a couple when we were only 16! "I am sixteen going on seventeen, innocent as a rose, na na na na" Okay, stop that singing.

So, here's my story. Me and my fiance are supposed to get married this year, or early of next year. All our families, relatives, friends know about it. We've already booked a few suppliers, Church and reception venues are reserved, all layouts done, guest list finalized, entourage members informed. I am the happiest bride-to-be! About to marry my prince, my best (and one and only) friend, my partner for 12 years!

Then, BOOM! He called off the wedding! And worst, he's not sure if he still wants to stay in the relationship!


That hurts!

Oh my! What am I supposed to do next?!

Why is this happening?! No, this is not happening!

Panic mode!

Those were my words in the past few months. By the way, he told me about it last December 2011, and its already March 2012. 3 months. Now, I am starting to pick up the broken pieces of myself one by one.

I do hope people will get to read this. I do hope comments, suggestions, and prayers for me and "him" will flood in. Although I am lost, I can still see a tiny spark of hope. I know I have God by my side.

P.S. Imagine the bucket of tears flowing as I write this post. But I thank God, that's way lesser than what I've already shed in the past months.

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