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Denial Stage Goodbye

With the enlightenment of Jesus, I declare: I have overcome the denial stage!

After 4 months, I have finally accepted the truth: Me and M are no longer a couple! M is my EX!

See how my goals changed:
First, I simply wanted to win M back!
Then, I revised it by saying: Yes, I still want to win him back.... BUT, I want to learn to love myself first."
Now, here's what I am praying for:

"Lord, please grant my wish of having a complete and happy family. If M can give me that, then, please enlighten his mind to reconcile with me. But, if M cannot give me that, and there is a person way better than him, then, let it be. But, please give me a sign if You are about to introduce to me my One true Love, so that I can brush on a little makeup!"

Next step: Go on with healing myself. Continue meeting new friends. Actively participate in a ministry. Learn to love myself! Learn to love God before loving other people!

If I may add: My One True Love must love God above everything else, even before loving me!

Denial Stage: Goodbye!

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