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Be Careful

"Be careful who you open up to. Only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious." - read this tweet at the Notebook of Love's page.  True enough, during the peak of my depression a few months ago, I tried to meet up or chat with strangers and acquaintances. I am blessed because most of them turned out to be real good friends who never left me alone. Some continuously prayed for me. Others would, from time to time, ask how I am doing. But I cannot deny the fact that there are a FEW who just simply were curious about what happened. Anyway, I understand they also have their own reasons as well, whatever its may be, I have to respect that.

Bottomline is, I am very grateful to be blessed with good and wonderful friends.

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Anonymous said...

hehe! sino kaya yung FEW na yun? kilala ko ba??


iamholdingon said...

Ay, sino ka po ba? Ikaw ba yung naghatid sa akin sa bahay ng parents ni M? If yes, then hindi mo kilala yung FEW na yun. Hahaha :D Wala yun, more of online thingys.

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