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*Kilig* Moments

*Kilig* Moments - ITS NOT ME! Its a friend! As she told us her story a while ago, although there may be some glitches with the intentions of the other guy, she still is so flattered and so happy! This friend just came from a broken relationship, but here she is, standing again. I admire how brave she is. No matter how stern we warn her that she may get hurt, she still seems to go on with the flow and nurture her shivery, fuzzy, positively chilling moments. I remembered the song I've fallen For You. I think it suits how she feels now.

What is this I'm feelin'  I just can't explain
When you're near I'm just not the same
I'm tryin' to hide it Try not to show it
It's crazy How could it be

I've fallen for you  Finally, my heart gave in

And I'm fallen in love  I finally know how it feels

When you said hello I looked in your eyes

Suddenly, I felt good inside  Is this really happenin'
Or am I just dreaming I guess, it's true
I can't believe I've fallen for you
Finally, my heart gave in And I'm fallen in love
I finally know how it feels So this is love

Doesn't matter where I am Thoughts of you still linger in my mind

No matter what time of day I've really, really  Fallen for you

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