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The Feast April 15, 2012

The Feast April 15:

Suffering people are AMBIVALENT, because rooted under the ambivalence is the fear of the unknown.

The most dangerous place is your safe place, because nothing happens and you don't grow, you don't change.
Excuses are signs of ambivalence.
If you know what you want, and you really want something bad, nothing can stop you.
2 Reasons for Ambivalence:
   1. Suffering has become your identity.
   2. Suffering has become your income.
Every suffering has side benefits.
3 Steps to Get Out of Suffering:
   1. Remove ambivalence.
         Abundance is not attracted to ambivalence but to clarity.
   2. Restore authority.
         You have the power to remove the mountains of problems in your life.
   3.  Repeat action.
         The first steps may be wobbly, sometimes you may even need people to support you, but, just do the right thing again and again in the midst of your suffering. A day will come when the valley ends.

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