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The Feast April 29, 2012

The Feast April 29 by Bro. Bo Sanchez:

Know the Principle of Obliquity. The Principle of Success.
A DETOUR can bring you to a bigger destiny.
Sometimes, while you are waiting for God's answer, a detour comes. You are so near your ambitions but something suddenly stops you. This is because the enemy wants to discourage you.
Detours are actually good for you because a detour can bring you to a bigger destiny!
   1. Remain faithful to do the right thing.
   2. Remain open. Bloom where you are planted.
An opportunity comes dressed as a responsibility.

The next series of talk is "dedicated to the approval addict, the chronically nice, the spiritually abused, and all those under the sun who need to love themselves more". As the words "Heal Your Shame" and "Practice Self-Care" were mentioned by Bro. Bo, one of our CG members kept patting me at my arm, silently telling me that God will speak to me again in the next couple of weeks.

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