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My First Caring Group (Plus Another Padre Pio Experience)

A day after I felt so much pain, God sent His Angels again to cheer me up. April 22, I met my first ever Light of Jesus Family Caring Group.

"Caring groups are small groups of 8 to 15 people who meet each week in a convenient location to learn, pray, have fun, and build healthy relationships."

I met 7 of them. Coincidentally, there are also 7 Archangels, but since I believe that nothing in this world is coincidental, I took this as another sign from God that I am being guided.

At first, I was so reserved in sharing my situation. But, as they listened to me without any bias judgment, I easily opened up. Their advices and support made me feel like I wasn't someone new in the group, but a long time friend. Most of them came from failed relationships too, and they shared how they were able to stand up and see the light of God.

Sister 1, who, by the way, is very pretty, had an ex who was a seafarer too! As I was about to badmouth seafarers, Brother 1 told me that he is also a seafarer. Good thing I kept my mouth shut! Hahaha! But Brother 1 was so frank and logical in giving his advices. It was him who said "Bigyan mo ng halaga sarili mo" (Give yourself some worth). Ouch! But true!

Sister 2, who was sitting beside me, was so motherly, that whenever she gave her advice, I just simply wanted to hug her.

Sister 3 was the most vocal of all. She shared a lot, as in a LOT of good advices. And I saw how strong her personality was. Anyone will feel fortunate to have her as a friend.

Brother 2 prayed over me. I felt his strong positive energy radiating as he gently placed his right hand over my shoulder during the prayer.

Brother 3 was the listener type. Most of the time, he was just listening to me whenever I shared, then, would give his little advices, then, listened to me again. I wondered if he has a background at counseling!

Of all the things that they said, the words of Sister 4 struck me the most. She said "Alam mo, from a stranger's point of view, sa sinabi ng ex mo, wala na kayo!" (You know what, from a stranger's point of view, with what your ex said, you're no longer in a relationship). Ouch! Straightforward, but it was what struck me the most.

After our CG meeting, most of us went to Padre Pio Church. We attended the second mass, "almost" attended the third mass, sacrificed the scorching heat of the sun and the humid weather, but everything was worthwhile.... because... we were able to speak with Mang Ramon! Last March 3, Mang Ramon told me that God has already given me what I have been asking for. And now, this is what he said as I deeply prayed "Angel Gabriel, please let me know what is God's plan for me. If it will hurt me, its okay, just please tell me the truth. please guide Mang Ramon":

"Wala talaga akong maramdaman sa iyo. Wala kang sakit, wala kang problema. Its all granted to you. He's even inviting you to volunteer in His Church."

Okay, I felt happy, but I thought to myself, what does this mean? Is it another word of hope just to keep me sane?

Anyway, my turn is done, so I picked up my bag to leave the area. But, Mang Ramon suddenly grabbed my arm again and said: "Its all granted to you ha... Its all granted to you"

He was so stern as if he wanted to tell me that I should believe! By then, goosebumps started to appear on my arms. As a few tears rolled down my cheeks, I silently prayed and told God "Lord, all I am praying is for M to reconcile with me so that I can finally have a complete and happy family. I cannot fully understand what Your plans are, but I know that I have to trust You. In the end, may Your will be done."

It was almost 9:30PM when we went home. It was a very long day, but my first CG experience is truly memorable. I felt so blessed and I am not ashamed to shout out the blessings that I have received from God!

"Lord, thank you for sending me your Angels today. I know I cannot have them by my side forever, but, I will always cherish the memories that they have planted in my heart. They have made a positive impact in my life, and I pray that they too, will be healed from any hurt that they are presently feeling. Please shower them with your blessings, so that they may continue to be a blessing to more and more people. Amen."

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