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The Feast April 22, 2012

The Feast April 22:

Go on with life, move on, because the Lord is risen.
 I have more blessings than problems.
All crisis shapes character.
How many have experienced to be brokenhearted?
     But look at how happy you are now.
     Thank God I didn't end up with that person.
We can rejoice even when we run into problems: Rejoice because there are purposes for your problems.
God values your character more than your comfort because God is a daddy.
1. Your crisis diagnoses your character.
     Character is who you are when the going gets tough.
     Character is who you are when life is not how you imagine it to be.
     Character is like a teabag, if you dunk it in hot water, thats when you know if its good or not.
     You don;t evaluate your partner when everything is okay. 
2. Crisis develops your character.
     Problems, troubles, crisis burns to teach you a lesson that you will never forget for the rest of your life.
     Tests are repeated until the lesson is learned.
     What lesson am I being taught? Try to get the teaching without the trial.
3. A crisis defends your character.
     Crisis humbles you.
     Crisis is like being dunked in hot water. It wakes you up. It protects you in going to a dangerous territory.
*I am moving forward... the past is behind me!

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Anonymous said...

hope that is for real! and not for show off. :-))

iamholdingon said...

^hi! the things i wrote are the preachings that was mentioned. it didn't come from me, i didn't say it. =D

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