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CEFAM Counseling Session Part 2

After the counseling session that I had, I decided to take my time and spend the rest of my afternoon walking around the University Campus. I just wanted to walk, pray, talk with God, think about the things that happened, think about life, think about him. Good thing its vacation time, there were only a few people around, and this saved me from the possibility of meeting former professors, classmates, and anyone I know, thus, saving me from answering possible questions about the wedding!

Trees and plants abundantly lined the narrow road where I was walking. The afternoon cool wind sweetly kissed my cheeks as the trees selflessly shaded me from the heat of the sun. I was breathing in as much clean air as I can get, absorbing the abundant positive energy that the trees gave. And as I exhaled, I visualized all the tension, hurts, pains, worries, and negativity being released out of my system. A few rays of sunlight which were able to pass through the glowing leaves of these trees reminded me that there is, and there will always be HOPE.

During my school days, I also used to walk on the same road, but never did I experience this feeling. Maybe because way back then, I was too preoccupied with worldly stuff that I ignored to give importance to the simple things in life that can make me happy.

I went inside the chapel, and upon seeing that I had the place all to myself, everything felt so solemn. As I knelt down and silently prayed, tears rolled down my cheeks. Then, I heard my Angel's sweet voice gently whispering to me: "Let it out, just cry."

I cried. Then, I wept. Then, I sobbed... Then, I felt the presence of Jesus, Mama Mary, St. Padre Pio, St. Jude, and the Archangels. They were all there. They were watching me. They were taking turns to hug me. They told me: "Its okay, everything will be fixed. We will not leave you alone." I felt so comforted, so loved!

Hallucinations? Delusions? Probably some may say yes. But for me, it was simply my FAITH.

Soon after I felt comforted, a group of people entered the chapel. And they started a prenuptial pictorial session! No kidding! How could God present before my eyes a thing that can hurt me when I'm already crushed?!! As I saw the couple, I felt and heard God tapping my back and saying "Its okay, you need to experience this pain to appreciate him more when he comes back". In a blink of an eye, the pain drifted away, and seeing the couple so sweet with each other just made me smile. I took this as a sign form God, assuring me that, one day, someday, I will be reunited with my perfect pair. It may be a reconciliation with him, or it may also be a new person. Only God knows. But I still pray and hope that it will still be him. Tee hee!

I transferred to the garden area at the side of the chapel, sat down at one of the benches, wrote on my journal, and did the Circle of Holy Light. Casting the CoL was a bit easier for me, probably because I was in a Holy Area, I was able to purge out my negativity, and I was one with nature.

Then, I saw a mushroom! I was reminded to appreciate all that I have, no matter how small or simple they may be, because just like a mushroom, people and things may come and go, even during the most unexpected time.

As I walked my way out of the campus, I met an old man. He looked like he was already 60ish. There was something in me that made me wanna smile at him. Maybe because at that particular moment, I felt at peace. I gave it a shot and for no reason, I tried to smile at a stranger. And he smiled back PLUS he greeted me a good afternoon! I felt happy, and another realization popped out of my mind: A simple smile can brighten up one's day - true! After that old man, the next people I've met along the way all kept smiling at me. In fact, they were the ones who smiled at me first. Likely because I radiated a very colorful and positive chi!

"Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. Weep, and you weep alone with God and with your true friends."

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